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Short talk with Gary Numan

Let me share with all fans my second short interview with well known musician, songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist …about music, feelings, plans and current world. Enjoy…

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Sound of Terror by Paul Kendall

I have always been listening to music trying to find out what/who influenced the artist. Did he stick to the original idea and fight their way across invited producers and sound engineers?

After years I came to the conclusion that I was very fascinated with the production and mixing tracks / albums. Especially with the people with their characteristic handwriting, who metaphorically signed the record. I even feel now that I search more albums primarily by co-producer than by artist. And nothing better can happen than when a producer / sound engineer issues his/her own project (I wrote about the producent works of Eno, sound accomplishments of Laco Lučenič or Byrne)… Čítať ďalej

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